Burly Revisions


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Looks good! I want to see more.

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Heheheeh, Just a lil bit more is all you get for now.

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is this a new updated version of the MPCNC in the works??

give me a little info !





lol " info " is all I can get I guess.



Soon, putting it together again. If everything keeps going smoothly I will start to update the first post with details.

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See, I knew if I was lazy enough about upgrading mine I’d be able to just skip a whole revision :smiley:



I was just about to start printing the parts, should I wait for the revisions (I won’t be able to get the parts for a couple weeks anyway)? Will I need to buy any new hardware or is the kit enough for this revision?

I can understand if you can’t talk about it yet :).

I just looked I made the other parts 5/25/16. Whoa time flies. I swear it was last year, sorry for the delay everyone!

1-So, I can say it is a bit more of a pain to put together. My defense is wedging a screwdriver in to keep a nut from turning should only be on parts that are not tension parts. I added a ton of rigidity (I think) in the XYZ part. I have made it thicker, more burly and supported wherever possible. The trade off is I am not making allthread nut parts anymore as the longer nuts will not fit into the space. Short ones could but not really worth my time since the T8 is a marked improvement.

2-I will have two tool mounts with 6-32 and 4mm nut versions, the rest are just going to have to work. I tried to play with diameters and sizes to make 4mm fit better where ever possible. Smaller nut catch, larger diameter hole makes them just about work. So for all those that complain just know if I made you buy my hardware I could make it a perfect fit so the trade off is you have the opportunity to buy your own hardware but it is a little more fidgety to put together…once. The part I do see needing it is the tool mount so, I give in I will maintain 6 versions…

3-The Z mounts are wider without taking up build volume. The screw holes are as big as they need to be, if you break these there are other issues. They are actually hard to get on now. The little cuts are to let you get at the coupler for manual adjustments as before from the back.

4-I think it just looks better. Making things just functional is my natural tendency, so I swear I actually tried to make it look better. This is my engineering “style”, that was my full effort. I am a jeans and t-shirt kinda guy, so I have little to no style skills.

5-I am adding a tiny bit to the corner spacers. I am not sure why but they seemed a bit small before. My gantry rocked on the lower rollers by about a millimeter so I went a bit bigger. Perfect now, not a major change but its the details that make this thing work so well. I think the printers are seriously just printing more accurately now.

6-If you have a T8 “525” version no new hardware is needed.

7-The 5" bolt fits better now.

8-The nut trap is “spring loaded” now and fits both 6-32, and 4mm nuts.

Hmmmm, the most stressful part.

Anyone have any name ideas? Should I just substitute “525” with “Burly”?

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Uhh, just bought the kit yesterday, I think you just shipped it, so I’m not sure what this means. I’m guessing I have the T8 kit? So wait? :slight_smile: Sorry mechanical stuff isn’t my strength.

Also I like Burly, because you seem to have made the point that flexing is an issue with the older version. It seems from what I understand, that it is more rigid now.

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Mechanical kit is identical, the plastic will change, but no big deal use and abuse the one you have. If /when you are ready there should be some slightly improved parts available. I put a note with the plastic parts in the shop a week ago highlighting the upcoming revisions. If it was a major change I would have handled it differently.

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Perfect! Thanks so much!

I like the name Burly but it could get confusing. I can imagine a lot of forum conversations like, “I just upgraded from the 525 to the burly”. That might get a little confusing. Assuming it is released in 2018 how about the Burly 18 or B18 for short.

I am super stoked to see the new model. I just built my first MPCNC. I am going to help a friend build one as well. So I will get to see them side by side.

Could I ask. Is there any loops of holes on the new gantry to make it easy to zip tie wires? Because I have read your suggestion to attach wires to the gantry and not the top of the Z mounts. But I don’t see a great place for zip ties on the 525 without drilling holes.

The XYZ part and XY parts have open loops, rather large ones. Those are what I use.

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You’ll need a crappy printer to print them on too, to test out your designs. Maybe an anet a8?

I probably should!