Burly vs Primo tool plate

Is the tool mounting plate on a Burly the same as the Primo? Seems there are more mounts available on the Burly. Thanks.

The tool mounting system is different between the two, but the machine geometry (tubing size and spacing) is the same. That means you can mount the Burly mounting plate on the Primo and use Burly mounts. To make that happen, you either need to 1) use the Burly nut traps and the Burly machine screws and nuts, or 2) print the Burly mounting plate with a couple of extra perimeters and drill out the holes a bit. With the larger holes, you can use the Primo nut traps and machine screws.

Note the change in tool mount for the Primo was to bring the tools closer to the Z axis and therefore reduce leverage. So, if you go with the Burly mount, you do suffer a bit more leverage on the tools you mount.


You may want those extra walls there, vs drilling them away. That is why I remixed the burly mount (for the J though):

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If your tool has a Primo mount, it is superior.

Can I upgrade a Burly to a Primo mount?

No, it will hit the back of the other parts.

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