Bushing Routered Delrin/HDPE version?

Im still messing with the bushing concept and routered parts for my next build. Development has slown to a snails pace in the shop lately with taking on a bunch of CNC router jobs (got to earn to eat)

I got a 3040 China mill in the shop now as well to do some precision jobs and I am saving for a 2 kilo aluminum foundry to try a investment cast mpcnc. Not really interested in messing around with a diy foundry here.

My supplier of stainless has gotten me some brass tubing that is exactly one inch ID. It is a bit of a tight fit, but a bit of sanding with 1000 grit and some teflon lube spray makes it work very nice.

Even if someone didn’t have access to this tubing to make bushings it would be a pretty low cost machine shop lathe job to have done and it could dramatically lower parts count and complexity?