Button Press Equivalent During Headless Operation

I run my Lowrider headless using CNC.js (V1PI thanks Jeff)but occasionally I run into a GCode command that is waiting for the user to tap a button on the TFT to continue. Like a pause, or an M122 and I find myself needing to reboot the machine because I cant respond via the console. Is there a trick to this or should I just attach a TFT?

I’m not sure we have EMERGENCY PARSER enabled. But M108 is supposed to continue:

I keep saying we should change cncjs to just not send the M0 and instead just pause on the cncjs side.

It is not currently enabled in the stock version, do you see any downside to enabling it?

I’ve got a running list of things that I want to change in the firmware next time I compile and this and bed size were at the top.

I don’t know what the consequences are for enabling it.