Buying partial upgrade to new version MPCNC?

Hey Vicious,

I built a MPCNC and I’ve been tweaking it over the last few weeks. It’s based on the old design. I ordered the electronics from you, but had a local friend do the 3d printing. I’ve noticed that some of the parts he printed for me are a bit warped, and there is some play in the middle assembly that I am unable to remove. Additionally, as you suggested, it seems that my choice of spindle may still be a bit too heavy, so I have ordered a DW660.

My question is, would it be possible to order from you only the 3d printed parts to replace my middle assembly with the newer version, plus the tool holder for the DW660? I’m honestly not sure that the rail spacing is the same from the old version of the parts to the new, so replacing the middle assembly only may not be possible, but that’s what I’d like to do (to save cost and assembly time) if possible. I would also need any additional hardware if what I’ve currently got wouldn’t be sufficient.

Is that something you’d be willing to consider, rather than a full set of parts? What would the cost and turnaround time look like?

Thanks for your consideration and your freakin awesome designs :slight_smile:

If you really wanted to do it this way it would be (bundle price/total print time)*print time of the parts you want+shipping

Really all the parts have improved significantly, it would be best to up date them all with a new full bundle. Each piece helps increase rigidity, as a whole it is a substantial upgrade. 25, and 25.4 need the new corners as the spacing changed.

I was afraid of that. If I got all of the printed parts, would the bolts/bearings/etc that I already have be sufficient to upgrade, or would there be additional things I’d need beyond the plastics?

Just a few bolts, I honestly don’t remember exactly now. pretty sure it is just 2x5’ bolts and maybe 2x2.5" bolts I think that is it.

I can probably source those locally then. Now I just have to remember how to determine which size parts to order. My micrometer reads 0.925" for the outside diameter of the conduit I have.


My quick calculation (thanks Google!) says 0.925" is 23.495mm, so the 23.5mm design is what you want.

New parts ordered. Thanks for the help guys.