C-XY is cursed.

I have tried to print it 3 times now.

First time, about a month ago, it started warping so bad that it was levitating off of the buildplate.

Second time, 4 days ago, power went out

Third time, tonight, the Y belt broke in my makerbot-clone…

Thinking that maybe I should just print 1 at a time… After I print some reinforcements for my printer, so the frame doesn’t flex so bad that the belts break.

I’m actually a bit gun-shy to try printing it again, worried about what’s going to happen next time.

In other news, while cleaning the random filament and brims out of the bottom of the 3d printer, I found $0.43 in change…

The xy I definitely print the 1 at a time.

As for the warping I still print large parts on blue tape wiped with alcohol, smaller parts I started printing on a sheet of Lexan (PC) if I can find a thicker sheet of PC I would probably stop using the tape. The 3mm sheet I have will warp on large parts like the XY and the xyz. Lexan sticks awesome and then you pop the parts off like an ice cube tray when it’s done.