Cabinet door facelift

Our two cats had passed recently. My wife and I didn’t like looking at the cat door in the cabinet door in the laundry room anymore. Their liter pan was under the laundry sink to keep it out of sight. So, after pricing new doors and finding out they wanted insane $$$ for them, I made my own.
We had some displays built at work and there was a pile of 1/3 - 1/4 sheets of 3/4" MDF left over.
They look pretty good from a pile of scraps from work.


So they are solid slabs with a pocket in the middle?

I’m about to do something similar… what was the depth of the pocket?

They are solid 3/4" mdf. It is a 1/4" deep pocket. Making a jig for the hinges. Debating about cutting hinge pockets on cnc or use the jig afterwards. Will have to make them for the kitchen now too…

Used a 1/4" bit for the pocket. Then ran a 1/8" bit around edge to clean up the corners. I thought I’d need to go with even smaller in corners, but you really don’t see the corners after the 1/8" bit unless right up at them. The other benefit of using the 3/4" material is that when they close, they dont have that cheap, thin box store cabinet door sound (of course, just my opinion)

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Sanded and primed… they would be finished if that damn work thing didn’t always get in the way… lol :laughing: