Cable chain mount for the Z-axis


in the description of the Z-Axis assembly you warn us to NOT mount any cable holders etc. on the Z-Axis but rather on the middle assembly. Since I don’t like free-flying cables I would like to follow your advice but am not sure where the best point is where I could let the igus energy chain end. It contains the cable for the stepper (here I also prefer solid industry standard sizes) and the power for the router / spindle.

Are there any suggestions or examples from your side or concepts that you can support?

Thanks in advance




For the Z to the gantry I really do not feel anything is need but I typically use flex loom or flex and the tape measure trick. For the gantry to the nearest stepper of your choice I use the tape measure trick, but if you really want drag chain mount it “sideways” I have not seen any mounts that are doing it right.


Thanks. Pardon, what is the ‘tape measure trick’?

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Thanks, hadn’t seen that yet. Sure that it imposes less non-linear forces on the Z-axis top than a well running cable chain? And how long will the steel tape last?

Just run wires to the Gantry from the Z stepper, no need for anything fancy for a few inch bend, I have it on the Red and Black build but would not bother if I rewired. I then use the XYZ part as my anchor point and run the tape sideways to the X or Y stepper, extremely small force compared to a heavy drag chain. I have never had a tape break yet, the bend is open and relaxed so I doubt we could cycle it enough to be an issue.