Cable chain size

On various pictures of MPCNC I saw cable chains that look like the defacto standard designed by “rotoscan” and presented on thingiverse. What cross section (inner lumen) is recommendable, as far as I see , only the motor cables and some endstop signal cables nee to be runn - oh well, yes, and the power for the spindle.

What size do you guys out there use?

And which design, if not the rotoscan one?

Thanks, cheers!

I don’t use cable chains. So I am of no help here other than to say I use my machine for many purposes and putting the tool cords in the chain would prohibit easy tool changes. So if you choose to use them I would make sure it is an open style if you plan on changing tools.

I bought my cable chains from amazon:

They are 10x15mm inside and work fine for the control cables. I don’t run the main power for the router through it. I will probably run some power wires to the z axis for the foam cutter and laser I’m adding. I expect they will fit just fine.