Cable management

Got my frame built and steppers installed. Just finished crimping DuPont connectors on the steppers. Planning on using Cat 5 to connect the steppers.

my question concerns the braided cable sleeves I’ve seen on some builds. While I wait for delivery, would it hurt to braid the stepper leads? The braiding would be just for looks while I hook up and test the electronics.

My cable management experience is out dated as years ago I used wax cord(AF veteran), more recently I’ve used zip ties.

What methods do you folks use?

The braid is a cover. I think it’s called “braided expandable pet” something. If you stretch it out, it gets tighter, and if you smoosh it tighter, it gets looser. I can remember if the diameter is the loose or tight size. I think I bought 25 feet of 1/4".

I know I’m weird, but I also prefer waxed string to zip ties. I think it doesn’t cut into the cables as much.