Cable management

Hello all,


Got my Lowrider built and ready to start testing but I was wondering what people are doing for cable management for the cables that need movement like the x axis stepper.


Also, any suggestions for belt tension with these much longer belts than I am used to.






I run mine in an aluminum channel with some room to move in the Z as well. Everything down the Z tubes.

Belts, start loose. Try to get them even. Adding a click is easier than taking one away.

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Thanks Ryan. Any chance you have any pics along the aluminum channel? I am using one as well, but you can only secure the x axis cable roughly half way across the channel and the excess when it’s close to the home drags on the table as it’s not controlled. Any pics would be great.


Couple in here, you can see my velcro and some pathing.

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Oh I see. Using the vacuum hose to support it, gotcha. What size cable loom and vacuum hose are those?

I hung mine off a swing arm. Not everyone can do this though…

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I’m still building mine, but I’ve attached some photos of how I’ve organized my wires.



I like your panel for LCD and driver board. I will need to make something like that. That’s a long run for the x but I like it. I need to make longer cables I think.

What did you do for clamping your work pieces?

I think you can attach long wire which will give you open space for work & you can operate everywhere according to cutting.

Hello Chris,

Generally, I do Plastic zip ties that cinch closed or hook and loop fastener strips wrap around bundles of cables to prevent them from becoming loose or otherwise getting tangled. this is my method of cable management.

I got the Blue Key World cable management system because I was getting tired of cords everywhere! Most frustrating thing looking at all those cords! They were taking over my TV stand! These sleeves allowed to bundle them up together to make a cleaner look. They were easy to use as you just wrap the sleeves around the cords and zip them up.

Hi Barry,
I really like the look of your LCD Panel housing. Did you design it yourself or the .stl is available for download?
Thanks :slight_smile:

No, I found it on thingiverse, but no idea what it was called.