"Cached" recent replies / recent topics

I usually check for updaters on the forum using the recent replies / recent topics “categories”, but it seems that the forum page is cached somehow. I think it’s the case too for the whole forum, so it’s quite a pain to make sure I’ve got the most up to date forum view. Does anybody else experience this problem ? Is it only restricted to me (connected or not, from my different copmputers, but all in France) ?

Is there a way to get an “uncached” version of the forum ?

It does it to me on my phone sometimes, but haven’t had this issue on my desktop or laptops. I’m using firefox on all, in case that matters.

I will see if there are some mobile specific cache settings. Another way to do it, if you are logged in you can check the drop down under your name, forums, subscribed or favorite topics.

Well shoot there actually was a 24hr cache for mobile users. Gone, should work better now, but take a little longer to load. Let me know if anything weird happens good or bad.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Pffft , thank you. While I was poking around I figured out how to make the mobile site wider and started fixing the gallery. Overall today has been a great day for the site!