CAD/drafting on Android

I recently picked up a shiny new tablet and wondered if there are any decent cad or drafting programs.
TinkerCad can run on the tablet with no issues, but I wanted something that wasn’t browser based.

Just curious if anyone has some experience with anything on Android.

Nothing I’ve seen. I looked about a year ago.

Onshape they should have an android app. They have IOS apps. And since it’s cloud based you can get to it on your PC later as well. But yes on the PC it is browser based.

Thanks for the info, I haven’t downloaded it yet, but the PC version is over a thousand dollars a year, a bit rich for my blood.
I’ll still check it out later. I don’t mind paying, but that’s a bit much lol

It has a free license depending on how you plan to use it. I use it 100% for hobby stuff so it’s free for me.