Cad file

Gi guys I’m working on 2 projects low rider 2 and mpcnc. Anyways is there a cad file for low rider 2
I’m looking for a cad file for the rollers with bearings in it with the 2 side holes . Can anyone help

LowRider 2 on Thingiverse

If you’re looking for a .dxf of the Y plate, it will be here.

If you’re looking for an Autocad file…

V1 projects are not open source – that is to say, Ryan’s original CAD work is not made available. The .STL files, and where applicable, .DXF files are made available for you to print and/or cut your own parts for the MPCNC and LowRider2, but the source material is not made available. (The new ZenXY is, or seems to be V1’s first forray into the world of Open Source, so far.)


can anyone provide a link
thank u

im looking for the dfx file of the LR2X Mount

The link that I provided above has the .STL for the X mount which you use to 3D print it. Not sure what a 2D .DXF file will do for you.

the file is in stl format its called LR2X MOUNT. STL I would need this into dxf

A DXF file is generally used for 2D work. On the LowRider, DXF flies are provided for the flat parts as CNC paths for doing a contour cut to make the parts. So generally if you had a DXF file for the LR2_X_MOUNT.STL file, all you would have is the outline of that part. I don’t know what CAD program you are using, but you probably want STEP file of this part. If all you really want is the outline of the part, then I can give it to you in SVG format.

Note that I used the word “generally” when writing about the DXF file format. In looking into how to get DXF files out of Blender, I recently learned that there are 3D concepts in the DXF file format. I’ve just not see a 3D file in DXF format, and I don’t know what programs might import this format.

Looking at the part in Fusion 360, it is a prettty easy to take the STL file and recreate a native CAD object. If you are using Fusion 360, I’d be glad to walk you through the process.