Calculator For Assembly

I love the calculator that was added to the assembly/rails

However I do notice a few errors that are minor, but I wanted to point them out so someone does not make too many pieces.

For the inner X-axis conduit lengths there should only be 1x not 2x
For the inner Y-axis conduit lengths there should only be 1x not 2x
For the belt lengths, you might want to mark it as needing 2x for each axis
Also, the X-axis belt lengths are typed twice, and the last one should be the Y-axis belt length.

Again, I am not trying to pick it apart, I love that this tool is added. I know that it was just simple a typo probably. If that is the worst that happens here, then we are doing great!!

Additionally, I made my inner conduit lengths exactly 1" / 25.4mm longer than the outer tube lengths for each axis so that the ends of the inner conduit stops at the vertical plane of the fender washer on the outside of the bearing. This seems like a good idea to keep the wires clear of the belts.


Edit from above:
The inner conduit lengths should be 7/8" longer than the outer rails for each axis to make the flush with the fender washer.

Awesome, Thank you so much for that! I’m not a big fan of the web site stuff so I usually rush though it, kinda obvious I’m sure.

I really do appreciate that. I got your comment on thingiverse as well, if that was you.