Hey guys,

Thanks for all the help so far. I finally got the hang of all the software and last night sent my first job to the MPCNC.

I didn’t want to have to bother my 3D printer owning friend to print another part for the pen holder, so I decided to go straight to cutting out a simple rectanglular box.

What I found is that the machine is off by a few mm in every direction, z axis being the worst.

Is there’s way to calibrate that using the software or do I need to physically adjust the machine?


I’m using:

Estlcam and Repetier Host on a windows laptop.



Joe (2.1 MB)

Can you explain this with a little more detail, How far exactly is it off, can we see your gcode? Did you buy anything from here, if not, what diameter bit, what type of cut, what board, what pulleys, etc?


Thanks for the reply. The box I tried to cut ends up about 2mm smaller on one side. Also, it cuts deeper at the starting point and slopes up as it moves outward (that’s also the side that gets smaller). I assume that means the machine isn’t level?

Anyway, I bought the kit from this site and had a friend print out the printable parts. I’m using the dewalt 660 with the bit that was included, I believe it’s a 1/8" bit.


Attached is the gcode. (4.16 KB)

The bit that is included is a drywall bit, not very suitable for milling, or plunge cutting. Have a look through the assembly pages again for leveling checks. and first try everything with a pen to very if it is a machine issue or a routing issue. and Look through the estlcam settings again as your file should have a different extension and it is missing most of the recommended settings some of which result in a machine crash.

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