Calling all Space Nerds!

I was listening to the radio driving to work the other day, the guy said he saw the International Space Station fly by the other day.
I was like WHAT?!?
Down load the app ISS TRACKER.
It will alert you within 5 minutes of when the ISS will fly over your location.
Open the app and point it at the sky, it shows you a radar map of its flight path!
I took a picture of the little white dot flying by!

Zoomed in


That was shot with your phone?!

I’m not sure if it’s just a blur, but it looks cool.
It was just a dot in the sky but when I Zoomed in on the picture it was more than just a dot.

This is super awesome! Buuut - Not to ruin anyones fun, but I think you got very lucky with the angle with the sun? It might seems like you have a lot of reflection from the station surface, making it easier for the camera to spot??

Oh yeah the only way to see it is because the suns reflection.
But just seeing it streak across the sky was awesome!