Camar0 rigid z gone?

Hello fellow mpcnc users,

I’m almost done printing the great mpcnc by vicious. It took me a while and messed up a lot of prints, but it’s finally coming along.
However I was planning to use the more rigid Z add on by Camar0, but it seems it’s gone from thingiverse and so is his whole account.
Does anybody still have the new international files for that?

Would be great,
Thanks :slight_smile:

I thought I was going crazy, I saw it a while ago really late at night, forgot about it for a while and tried to find it again to no avail.

haha, the same for me. I wish I saved it back then. I can’t seem to contact Camar0 either…
I really hope someone was smart enough to save the files or is able to contact him.

i got the zip file. but the file names are f’d up in it. i have the us stl if you need them too

EDIT: file size too big to attach here

Awesome, could you maybe send them to me via pm with a mediafire/dropbox link or something?
Thanks :slight_smile:

If you could link a dropbox/drive/whatever link to that zip that would be great.

Amorton was nice enough to reupload the whole thing.

Thanks again Amorton for uploading it.
And Thanks to Camar0 for designing it.

Downloaded and filed away. Thanks!