Camara gimbal controller

Something a made for a buddy in the movie industry


This is what it was based on.
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That looks amazing!

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Thank you!

I cut the same pockets and printed mirrored inserts for the other side so it can be ambidextrous.

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Looks professional :sunglasses:

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Nicely done!

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That looks really clean! Any chance you want to share some details on your cutting settings?

Sure! Iā€™m using a single flute end mill. I ran through a lot of the cheaper ones from V1. Specifically the long ones. After getting tired of sharpening them so often I bought a more expensive one from Amazon. I have to say that thing is awesome.

My DOC is .30
Feed rate is 290mm/m
Plunge speed 8.0mm/m

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Awesome thanks! Are you running an air nozzle or using anything for lubrication?

Not for aluminum. Iā€™m going to get a vacuum on there eventually