Can I connect a servo to let a pin go up and down  

I would like to draw with my lowrider. the z axis is too slow to draw much. I don’t think it is necessary to let the whole lowrider go up and down, while he only needs to lift a pen quickly. How can I make this with a mini rambo?

Would it not be acceptable to just tell Estlcam to raise the pen less between moves? So instead of going up 25mm (for example) it only goes up maybe 3mm?

I use about 1.5mm.

I added a servo to my lowrider to swing out a sensor for Z homing. It was surprisingly easy. The min endstop pins are the only ones that do PWM so you if you are using min endstops you need to first remap one to the max connector then use the min endstop connector to control your servo.

See here:

and here:


That is how 3D printers used to do it. For CNC you should be using a touch plate so you know where home is in relation to your end mill tip.

I use the end mill tip to home the Z on a pressure disc then offset from that based on the thickness of my material… I have buttons configured in cnc.js for 1/4” 1/2” etc. That way I’m not messing around with touch plates and alligator clips. Seems to be accurate and I can just rehome the Z if I have a tool change.