Can I reuse some of my old electronics for my Lowrider 2 build?

Hello good people of the forum,

I’m currently building my lowrider 2 (build here), and have looked into my electronic box for components to use in my build. The parts are mainly from a dissassembled Anet A8 printer and a yet to be finished Hypercube printer (which have been work-in-progress the last 4 years…).

Do you think any of these components can be used?


  • 12v, 20A (S-240-12). From Anet A8


  • LCD 2004. From Anet A8
  • LCD 12864


  • BBT SKR mini 2.0 (5x TMC2209, 32 bit)
  • BBT SKR mini 1.2 (4x TMC2209, 32 bit)
  • Creality V 1.1.4. (16 bit) From Ender 3 pro
  • MEGA2560 + Ramps 1.4 + 5xDRV8825 (16 bit)
  • Anet A1284 (16 bit). From Anet A8 (maybe defect)

Nema 17 stepper motor:

  • 5x Anet 42SHDC3025-24B (0,9A, 0,4Nm) . From Anet A8
  • 5X 17HS 4401 (1.7A, 0,42 Nm)

End stop:

  • 9x optical
  • 3x mechanical. From Anet A8

Is it possible/recommended to use the SKR mini 2.0, of the the displays, one of the stepper motor packs, some of the end stops and maybe the PSU?

I’m not great at firmware and would be mighty grateful if someone could help me with the firmeware.

All should be useable, the steppers might be a bit weak for the Z-axis though.

The psu, LCD 12864, and mechanical endstops are fine.

The ramps would fit in fine.

The only skr boards I have configs for are the pro and the skr 1.3 (not pro or mini turbo). You could start with the skr1.3 config 2209 and change it for a mini turbo. They are at MarlinBuilder releases.

Thank you guys for the replies. Then I will try to dry run the electronics and see if I can figure out how to configure it.