Can I Roll the LR2 Off the End (for storage or using a longer table?)

About to order once back in stock. I see people building tilting tables to get it out of the way when not in use. Is it safe to assume that’s because simply rolling it off the end would cause issues with calibration?

No issues with calibration. But the gantry is 3 parts. Two Y plates and the part that moves up and down. If you rolled it off the end, you’d need to keep them together. They also don’t really have a good way to sit, except on the wheels. So I’m not sure how you would want to set it down. Certainly not on the leadscrews or on one end (that would be a huge torque to keep it upright).

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I just park it down at one end of the table. This leaves all but 12" or so of the table clear.

The other issue with removing the gantry from the table is the Y axis belts. By design they are screwed to the table edge, and threaded through the Y plates / steppers. I’m sure some kind of removable mount could be devised, but I haven’t seen one yet.


Great, thanks. It sounds like I should plan for it to be hooked up most of the time. I’m OK with that and will plan on it. Thank you!

I took my belt holder parts and used threaded inserts so I could remove the holding screws, this way it allows the belt to slack and un-hook from the stepper motor - if desired - and then remove the Y-Plates for storage.
I do like the idea of parking the machine behind the table - Next set of rails, I might extend them past the table a bit so open up the whole table area. My rails are currently above the main table top to give room for the spoiler board without sacrificing Z height from the start.

good ideas, I plan on using them. Thanks!