Can the lowrider do things like guitar necks/bodies or is it mostly good for cutting ply?

I’m looking at building a cnc. I have the space for a bigger machine, and I’ll primarily use it for cutting plywood, so being able to cut a full sheet makes the lowrider the obvious choice for my budget, but I’d also like to be able to use it to build a guitar. I’ve seen a few examples of people using the MPCNC for guitar necks/bodies, but most of what I see people using the lowrider for is things like plywood furniture. I don’t know if that’s because of limitations in the lowrider’s design, or if it’s just because more people have built an MPCNC, so there’s more project examples.

It can do pretty much anything the mpcnc can do, just slower. Because it uses a bigger router, you can get longer endmills too.

What Barry said, though I don’t think it’s actually slower than the MPCNC. It all depends on your build! I had mine up to 48mm /sec the other day! Though I generally take shallower cuts.

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Yes it can.


OMG. That’s an absolutely gorgeous guitar! I almost can’t believe you made that on a homemade cnc. That photo alone sealed the deal for me. I’m so excited to see what I’ll be able to do with mine:)


Happy to see this post and the outstanding result! On my long list of to-do’s is a cello neck. I’ve been a bit intimidated to attempt it, but no longer. Thanks!


Beautifully done!


Here is a man who rose to the challenge of the question and answered it soundly. Well done on both levels.