Can't get legs on and won for on middle assembly.

I printed these parts and they have a c on them. I can’t get the legs on with the conduit and the middle assembly slides on the conduit but clips and hits another part. What should I do???

Pictures are very helpful. The legs don’t fit on? When I printed mine they were pretty tight, I had to mallet them in.

The legs I had to mallet on but the pipe is still clipping .

Which files did you print, and what size conduit are you using? That second pic the pipe doesn’t look straight.

I didn’t print them but they have a letter c on them and I’m using 3/4 inch conduit


The second pic looks like you are missing some bearings.

Make sure all the tension bolts are ridiculously loose.

If all else fails you might want to do a calibration check on your printer.

As for the legs, make sure you sand or file off the ridge you get from cutting the conduit. It is snug for obvious reasons but any ridge or burr will make it impossible to use.