Cant print from SD card

Hi guys. Looking for some help.

I installed the smart display and been trying to print from the sd card but doesn’t like it

Changed the file extension to gcode. Anything else that needs to be done? When running the program reads it and does nothing.

Thanks for your help.

Need to clarify. Tried to mill and changed the nc file extension to gcode.

Can you see the files on the card, if not what size is your SD card?

Yes, with gcode extension. Nc cannot see

4gb card

You can rename your files whatever you want. There is a setting in estlcam to change the extension of the saved file. Nice and easy.

But haven’t answered if there is anything else that need to be done besides changing file extension.

I just needed to change the extension to .g

Thanks. I might have a bad card, happened before.

My SD card is not recognized either. I can only 3d print with my laptop tethered to the RAMPs with my Short USB cable

Is your card formatted with fat32?

Yes it is 16gig FAT32. It works fine in my other 3d printer in it’s smart controller.

I like your design and engineering on the MPCNC. I ordered your hardware and electronics and printed my own parts. I’m overall quite pleased, so my hat’s off to you. I just cant get the darn SD reader to work so I can free up my laptop. I’m stumped. I’m hoping it’s something simple I can fix.

Since you have 2 screens switch one of them so you can verify where the problem is. Its either in the screen or somewhere else, but if you cam narrow it down a bit we can find the issue quicker. I’ll be in and out all day, building some shelves in my garage so I should be able to help every so often.

Okay so I finally got some time to mess with this and I uploaded the firmware for the discount smart controller from your website and used the other LCD (the little one) and it works and recognizes the SD card. So the large LCD one seems to be the issue.

Everything else on the screen worked, just didn’t read files(on the large one)?

Yes everything else worked.

Check all the solder joint around the card reader there are only 11 or 12. If you got it from me you can send it back in.

You kept the same connector and wires right, to make sure the issue is in the lcd screen board and nowhere else when you did the test swap?

Yes I kept the same wiring and all that. And yesI got everything from you except the EMT and printed parts. I’ll check the solder joints…