Canuck MP3DP

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Well i guess it time to post some pictures of my MP3DP.

Here are some details.

  1. Frame is 1/4 inch MDF milled on my MPCNC, spray painted with chrome and clear coat.
  2. All printed part are PLA printed on my ANYCUBIC I3 Mega.
  3. Base is 1/2" MDF using Jeffeb3's deisgn(
  4. E3D Titan Aero Layer fan shroud ( printed in PETG with 50mm centrifugal fan.
  5. Y-axis Aluminum Upgrade Plate - 220mm x 220mm ( I needed to print these to mount it ( and modified the y-plate MP3DP bracket accordingly.
  6. Aero mount by Mmmfishtacos (
  7. Ramps enclosure (
  8. MOSFET encloser (
  9. Prusa i3 Adjustable Spool Holder ( with mods in order to fit the MP3DP frame.
  10. Ryan control enclosure.
  11. In order to avoid using 1/2" on the front and back of the frame I've chosen to you a printed 90 degree bracket which is probably over kill but it seems sturdy now.
I still have some details to take care of...
  1. Finishing the base. I was going to paint it, but I think I'm going to print a thin perimeter cover to glue on (see attached pic). The first print worked well but I did not extend it to the mdf printer frame. I did another modification and printed one where it covers the entire perimeter up the MP3DP frame which worked well too (sorry no pic, will post it when I'm done) . Not sure what I'm going to do on the inside though.
  2. Firmware update for the Aero ( I believe I need to adjust the steps)
  3. Cleaning up the wire mess....I hate wires.

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Hi Ryan. I’m unable to upload pics. I believe their not oversized.

Can’t wait to see it.

I don’t think it’s on your end. The website is acting funny. There was another post where Ryan said he couldn’t get to it until tonight.

Did you get that fan to work? I printed 3 and couldn’t get any of them to work.

I printed 2. The first one was in PLA as a test print to see if it would fit…I changed the orientation of the print and it printed ok but not great…had a hard time removing the support. Before printing the second one I read the comments on TG and found a post stating that orientation for printing is the same as the pictures. I printed the second one without changing the orientation and in PETG. It printed better and fits perfectly on the heat sync. As far as working …as in does it perform has a cooling fan should?..this is still to be determined has I have not completed the build.


Are you having any luck with your aero?

Have not got to that point yet, will hopefully finish wiring Friday night and might get to powering up on Saturday afternoon …gotta do an implementation for work on Saturday morning. Once I get to that point I will let you know how it’s going…your issues have got me worried, but im using the ramps and not the Rambo so maybe it’ll be better …or worse.

Hey, just noticed something…all the pictures I’ve uploaded are gone and also at least two post, one form Ryan and one from jeffbee…is the site have issues or did I post something I shouldn’t have?

Sorry we lost a few hours worth on the morning of the 5th.

Not too be pedantic, but I think it was a day or two… Based on the sandify thread.


It’s such a bummer, in the 20+gigs of about a zillion minify files that stacked up there was a single database file. We dumped the whole temp folder and it took that with it. The file got restored from backup, I was guessing he restored the file from that morning’s backup but I guess he went back a day or two…of all the files I can restore by myself that temp folder is not one of them, and of course the tech screwed that up. The first three tech kept saying we need to do a whole site wipe/restore, I was so pissed there way no way I was going to do that, get a “senior” tech on the phone and he had the site back in 4 minutes…I hate dealing with entry level tech support.

Why is an important file in temp? So stupid. It sucks, but in 2 months, no one will remember.

Uploaded photo’s again…Thanks!

Right?!..“Have you tried restarting it”… The policy should be, If you don’t don’t understand what the client is asking, immediately transfer it to level two.

The books they read from don’t understand anything.

The tier 2 guys are probably thinking, why didn’t tier 1 handle this?!

I had to walk a TWC support guy through putting my cable modem into bridge mode once.

support: “Our modems don’t support that”
me: “click here, then here, check that box”
support: “holy crap! I didn’t know they did that!”
me: “it’s been doing that for the last three years until the update you guys pushed last night turned it off.”
support: “sorry about that!”

I have my own cable modem now. It doesn’t have all that fancy shit like routing or wireless. It just converts cable to ethernet. Like they’re supposed to do.


I leave the fancy shit to my edge router and it mostly feeds the servers and the access points. Pretty useless to tie myself down to a simplistic router built into an old technology modem.


I’m in the process of configuring the MP3DP firmware for the Titan Aero. According to the Aero documentation I need to perform PID Tuning. The aero documentation refers to PID auto tuning (excerpt below). Do I have change anything in the “PID Settings” section of the firmware?

PID Tuning from Aero documentation
PID Tuning ensures that the hotend gets up to temperature correctly, with minimal overshoot and oscillation.

Connect to the printer
Run M303 to autotune your PID - check out Thomas Sanladerer’s video guide for more information. Please note that not all firmwares support autotune, and you may need to tune manually.
Set the HotEnd temperature to 285ÂşC. If you did not do a PID tune, then approach this temperature slowly, exceeding 295ÂşC may permanently damage the thermistor.