EDIT: 8/6/21 Shortly after posting this I was able to open .cps in text editor and add the line which fixes the error. But now when I run the simulation the viewpoint stays on the tool moving the model around vs the viewpoint on the model and the tool moving around. Changing viewpoint in the simulation menu does not change it’s behavior.

Hello. I have recieved this error now when trying to simulate toolpaths for my Lowrider. This happens with guffys and flyfishers Post processors.

I have found this solution but I don’t know where to enter this data…

Thank you

Hey Joe, I am wanting to carve the wavy flag on my lowrider. I bought the STL file from etsy but cannot get the file converted in F360. I was wondering what your solution was to get yours machined. Thanks in advance.

You don’t have to convert STLs in order to setup CAM toolpaths in Fusion 360. You can simply import the mesh and go to the Manufacture workspace. If you want to make it a solid, then often simplifying the mesh in the Mesh workspace makes the transition function better. Often I need to scale the STL to match my stock, but that can also be done in the Mesh workspace without converting the STL.