Capacitor exploded on Ramps board

So I had a Ramps board that was working just fine until… It just stopped working. So I figured whatever, these things are under $8 on Amazon so I ordered another one. Got it today, got it seated on the Arduino with the DRV8825’s, plugged in the green power terminal, then went to power up the supply (12v 30a)


The capacitor under the X-axis DRV8825 exploded sending it flying across the room. Never had a capacitor blow up on me before but I guess there’s a first time for everything. Was way louder than I imagined it would be. Not to mention the smell, yuck. After I removed the ramps from Arduino to inspect it, I found 3 solder pads on the bottom of the board that had NO SOLDER at all. Rookie soldering work all around. Absolute garbage.

Anyway, I guess thats what I get for thinking I could get away with using a cheap board. Just ordered a Mini Rambo from the shop!


I went to ITT- tech back when it was cool! One of the guys in the class wanted see what would happen when he plugged his largest Capacitor directly into his bench power supply with reverse polarity. When it blew up it sounded like a large firecracker in the classroom! Made me jump.

I’ve had them blow up in my hand. Stings a little.