Car project parts

Now I’ve managed to wreck my Burly, here’s some of the parts it smashed during my learning process…

This is 1.5mm aluminium to hold these connectors in place.

Hose clamp, 8mm aluminium.

The plate parts (3mm 5083) in the fuel pipe steady bracket.

These are the wiring guides for the fuel injectors and ignition coils (3mm 5083).

This is where I did the damage to the machine, with things vibrating horribly out of control.

Small cabling bracket, the hole was drilled separately.

The thin (3mm 5083) plates for the engine water inlet.

There was 2 of these as the very first parts I did.

If I got to do this again…
Use trochoidal milling, I believe if I’d have done that from the start I would not have broken my machine. But I feel like I’ve learnt a lot along the way so it’s all good.


This is what it’s all about. Right here.

I’m still working on artsy stuff, but aspire to make function parts like this.

Primo time!!!

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