Carbide 3d compact router

Looks like a Makita rt0701c clone without the base, and extra brushes. No precision collet I think, but for $80 nonsale price, looks like a great price! Especially with the dwp611 going up/fluctuating in price recently.

Do you have a link?

I actually just found this as well and was looking for reviews or thoughts on it.

Oops, I swear I posted it, but I’m on mobile so maybe something happened.


Thinking of ordering one, but they don’t ship to me so I may as well just get another Makita and some spare brushes. The brushes in my dwp611 gave out after only 5 months, so at least I know my usage now, bought 4 sets so I should be set for the year at least.

$80 USD though? I got my Makita RT0701 for $125 CAD, so that’s only slightly more (and it went on sale for $80 CAD 2 days later grrr)

Looks identical to the hf Bauer router, and $20 more.

That looks very promising. I might have to pick one up.

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