Carbide create and estlCAM

so ive been using carbide create to put together my images, export as SVG so that I can utilize estlCAM for generating the Gcode but the dimensions are not the same as what I made in carbide, when I open the SVG in estlCAM it defaults to pixel, and I tried the other ones but none are the correct size once opened.

IE current project I made to 10.5" tall and 14.8125" wide, estlCAM opens it at what looks like just under 11.25" tall and just under 16" wide

anyone else run into this or know how to fix?

IIRC SVG doesn’t have dimensions stored in the file. You have to adjust size when you import before starting to setup any cuts. That’s actually the nicest thing about the SVG format, you can make it any size without a loss of details.

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Gotcha, any idea how to set a specific dimension is estlcam when using an svg?

I thought there was a dialog box that asked for the scale. I remember a very odd number for inkscape.

You could also add a line of a certain dimension in the drawing and then scale it in estlcam until the line is the right size.

There is a dialog that asks for a scale and I tried all the different options with no luck, I think a line will be the best bet, I just have a hard time lining it back up at 0 perfectly, does estlcam have a button or feature to send a point back to zero?

I think backspace might revert it?

In case anyone’s still wondering, I’ve been fooling with this because for simple 2D drawings I like the simplicity of Carbide Create. What I’ve found is you must apparently know the extreme X dimension of your .svg object. When you load the .svg into Estlcam you get a window labeled .svg Unit? At the bottom of that window you’ll see a box labeled ‘Adjust Width’, check the box and enter your extreme X dimension and click OK. That’s what’s worked for me.

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