Carbon Nylon Build in Massachusetts

Long time lurker, first time poster. Thanks for alleviating all of my fears about the usefulness of a printed cnc- I’m in!

I’m lucky enough to have a few kilos of carbon nylon (3dXTech) left over from a job I finished recently, so I figured I’d melt it into a CNC machine. I don’t see much on CN builds, but the stuff is strong as can be. If not, at least it was “free” filament.

How’s it go? Pics or it didn’t happen?


That is good looking filament. Do you dry it before you print with it?

Thanks! I love it, it's one of my favorite filaments to print with- thankfully because we use every day. We dry it as we print with it- it spools right out of a dehydrator into the machines.

Nylon is very strong! But more flex/less rigid than PLA. Probably won’t matter too much in this case. Don’t know to be honest. I know I made a nylon mount for the router on my Joe’s cnc, and it flexed too much, went back to PLA until the cast aluminum mounts came in.

@Aaron, just add an extra wall or two. My petg parts are printed that way. Seem to be just as stiff to my uncalibrated wrists.

My router mount had 6 walls, and I could still open the mount a lot more than the pla one. But as I mentioned, in this case, with the way these parts are designed, it probably doesn’t matter. The router mount I made was really similar to the attached photo, and I could still open up the front with my bare hands, probably due to all the leverage, in contrast to the compact mpcnc parts.

So far my petg router/spindle mounts haven’t let go. They’ve all been in my unairconditioned, unheated barn for at least three years now. I’ve run some really really long jobs on them.

They held up fine, but would flex and basically introduce some backlash type effects, cutting at 200 ipm, around 85mm/s.

Ahh, I see what you’re saying.

Assembly begins! Probably won’t get to wiring it this weekend though.

It lives! Just need to get the Z wiring connected, button up some wiring at the board and snip off the zip ties- I can’t tell you what a huge help everyone’s posts have been- helped make a lot of stuff clear!

Nice! Grats on that first movement! Almost time to get it dirty!

So close!

The worst part about getting it up and running at 10:30 at night is that I want to throw the router in it and cut- now! Not sure my sleeping kids would appreciate it though.

Maybe I’ll just print a legit penholder instead- my zip tied monstrosity didn’t work as well as I’d hoped.

It cuts! Well sort of. Y steppers are super hot and skipping steps so I have to do a vref adjustment… but it cuts!

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Figured I’d pop in for a little follow up- the machine is running great. It’s been happily cranking its way through walnut for the last few weeks and carving beautifully! The carbon nylon seems to have held up really well.


That’s some nice vcarving. Very clean and well dimensioned in the depth of cut.

That is awesome and super clean sharp lines. Be proud of that!

This was what it ended up looking like, client loved it!


That is great work, I really like it.

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