Carving into a curved surface

I have got a few barrel staves which have a curve on them and i fancy trying to carve some letters into them

Any idea how i would do this

I have fusion 360 and half a clue how to use it

I have no idea how to do this with Fusion, but there is a program called G-Code Ripper that can take gcode generated for a flat surface and “map” it to a curved surface.

I haven’t used G-code Ripper either though…8^)

You need to get a surface probe and then use G-code ripper. Or several other programs.

Yes, but I beleive G-Code Ripper’s Auto-Probe feature does not work on Marlin or Grbl, only LinuxCNC or Mach3.

I also fancy this. In Marlin there is Auto Bed Leveling (probe the work surface in a grid array) that may work for something like this. I hope to try soon, but do not fully understand it at the moment.

CNC will use GRBL to map gcode to curved surfaces wit a probe

Just discovered the G-Code-Ripper software too as I would also like to vcarve onto stock of non-uniform thickness… This opensource program has several very attractive features including the ability to auto probe and compensate for non-flat surfaces, and support being able to rotate two halves of a gcode project to produce items larger than your CNC carve area would otherwise support.

That said, It is opensource, but it only supports MACH 3,4, LinuxCNC, and DDCS at present. Has anyone tried adapting the code to support our MPCNCs or know if this could be done?