Carving into a round object

So my brother who is involved with a few minor baseball leagues has asked if I could carve the names and numbers of players into baseball bats. Is this possible or would I have to set up a lathe type axis on the mpcnc like I’ve seen before?

I’ve not tried this, but it might work. If you can model the bat, maybe just with a simple cylinder in fusion 360 or something, you might be able to do some limited carving using that. I don’t know if you can use Estlcam, but you could use VCarve to project text onto a 3D model. Even so, you will still have a very narrow axial region to carve on. The rotational axis would be much better, but it’s more complex.

There are a couple rotational axis for the MPCNC on thingiverse, it does take a bit of work though.

It is easiest to carve on to a plain cylinder. Estlcam + Arduino can map the curve as Christian demonstrates in one of his videos. I don’t think the ‘software only’ version used with a Rambo or Mega has that option available.

Otherwise you can build a simple rotary axis using a stepper, coupler, rod axis, and a scroll chuck or collet to hold one end the bat with a roller for the other end. This is a little more complicated proposition but works. You have to wire the stepper to X or Y and disconnect the ‘regular’ stepper for that axis (and make sure it doesn’t move) then proceed from there. Easy with a laser and probably keeps the bats in Regulation (I don’t know much about such things). Harder but doable with a router if you don’t get carried away with depth.

You can try to model the curve in software and create a 2.5D file to run with Estlcam but that depends on the software options you already have.

Christian demo’d “CNC surface scanning/auto leveling” to engrave his mouse a while back. That maybe all you need to do a bat, avoiding the use of a rotary fixture. Of course… I don’t know if the current version of Estlcam supports that, it was an old video (version 8 of Estlcam I think).

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The Current Estlcam version 11.113 supports the mapping function for sure.

Just not with the rambo or ramps board. You need to be using estlcam controller with the appropriate arduino and stepper shield.