Cat 5e Jacks for XY axis connectors fit nicely

Sorry for the messy description here, I’ll try to post this as a remix on Thingiverse with photos later.

I found that the cat 5e jack modules from Home Depot (CE Tech model 5025-WH) fit nicely in the end of the EMT conduit with a bit of preparation. They make for a very clean XY connection that can be unplugged from the controller.

First file the inside of the EMT to remove any burr especially if a pipe cutter was used to cut it. Then use a utility knife to carve off about 11mm of bottom corners of the module’s body. The carefully carve off the same length but shallower from the “dust cover”. Trim off more from the bottom until the module with the cover on slides into the EMT end snugly.

Then carefully drill a 1/4" hole in the top front of the dust cover and snip through from the front to the hole to make a U ( or D) shaped slot. Wire the opposite side stepper to the push pins in the jack. I used the solid color jacks for one stepper and the striped ones for the other stepper then paralleled them at the RAMPS side.

The wires for the stepper on the same side as the jack should be encased in mesh wire guard, routed in the narrow slot between the stepper mount plate and the EMT end then routed through that U shaped slot in the dust cover. Finally snap the dust cover on and push the jack into the EMT end. My jacks are so snug that I did not need any glue but they can still be removed. I used .1" crimp connectors to go from the steppers to the jack’s push pins so everything is easily removeable and all is hidden in the EMT tube.

Posted as a remix on Thingiverse: