Cathouse suggestions?

@kvcummins, not what you’re thinking.

Got me some farm cats to manage the ground squirrels out here, and they’re doing a great job. But I want to make a safer, more comfortable spot fit then to relax and nothing is really screaming out to me on pinterest or google.

Right now we put them up overnight in a very large dog crate that’s been made up for them (we used it to potty train our great dane Frank, rip). Light weatherproofing, blankets, indoor potty.

We mostly get packs of stray dogs and the occasional coyote (4legs, mostly, the 2 legged kind typically stay in the mountains until they get more north, and probably wouldn’t bother the cats anyway). We have mountain lions out here, but I haven’t seen any close (yet).

Also get some heavy rain during part of the year, winter gets chilly but not cold. Summer gets stupid hot but there are plenty of shaded places.

I think I’d like to build something on stilts to deter the canine variety, and i think with a small enough door most other predators would be discouraged as well. Any ideas?

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How dare you presume to know what I’m thinking!

Of course, you were right…

Jim Neighbors, of course: