ceramic printing

Who here is using their MP3DP for ceramic printing?


What ceramic printhead are you using?

Is it open source?

On thingiverse?

Or https://www.stoneflower3d.com/opensource/ ?

Or ?

You’re saying I could make a 3D printed coffee mug? Yes, please!

We’re working on fitting a clay extruder to a cbeam minimill, mostly because the Z axis is stationary, and the bed moves in X and Y. There’s a lot of weight in a clay extruder.


Coiling clay would be the original fused deposition modeling I suppose!

My friend’s mom taught us ceramics as kids. Coiling and all. I showed her the first ceramics pictures from the gallery a while back. After that she has never looked at my machine the same! I think the only thing I ever fired was a monster of a coffee cup for my pops, poor guy actually used it. The lip must have been at least an inch thick. The things parents do for their kids…

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