Chain mount compatible with rail support

Hello again everyone,

I want to add rail supports to help with stiffness but they would interfere with my cable chains as they are directly underneath the rails. Has anyone seen on thingiverse a mount that places the cable chain just slightly to the side of the rails?


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Use the tape measure trick and mount the wires above the rail. Low friction and doesn’t collect debris.

I will keep that in mind for the future. I don’t want to reroute everything just yet. Annoying activity that.

I get the feeling from some past replies that you are not a big fan of cable chains?

They can add too much tension to the Z assembly.

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I have a warning against them in the instructions. There are a handful of recent threads around here with peoples really poor tolerances all due to cable chains.

I have mine mounted to the gantry, which from what I can gather should be ok? Should I remove it?

I was looking for a dust shoe that also mounted to the gantry but didn’t really find any that I liked. Decided to try and design my own but my zero previous experience with fusion is making it take longer than it needs to.

That extender is basically the same as the Z axis (same height=same lever arm), it is better (not directly touching the Z axis) but still far from ideal.

Bottom line is, if the accuracy is good enough for you, no need to change anything.

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Gantry mounted dust shoe. I have it printed, but not installed yet. I’ve either been really busy with work, or working on my new 3d printer, so not as much shop time.