Change LCD Menu

Is there a way to change what is on the LCD menu. Can i arrange it and add what commands i want? Also is the speed setting in the LCD used for the feed rates while milling? I have used it a few times to turn up my feed rate during a job and it seems to work well. Its certainly really convenient. But, i have had issues with it not affecting certain programs. Sometimes the speed setting changes my feed rate other times it does nothing. Anyone else experience this?




Changing the menu can be done but I wouldn’t call it easy. There are a few things that are easier in config-adv.h. The feed rate should change it up to the firmware maximum and it lags behind by at least as many commands are in the buffer so if you are doing long straight slow cuts it can take a while, I think there are around 10 lines in the buffer.

I was cutting a huge pocket with long lineal lines, so I’m sure that’s the issue…so by 10 lines you mean 10 commands? Meaning since there is only one coordinate command at each end of the line when doing a a parallel pocket it would have to cut 5 lines before speeding up to the set speed?

At least 5 lines I think more like 10. I am not sure the exact size of the buffer, I tried to count it on the ZenXY one day while I was watching it. But if it is doing a round non arc move the buffer is almost instant.