Changing endmill on work

Hi to all,

looking this video at 51 seconds endmill has been changed.

After changing it X-Y will be moved (to change the mill) and Z will be moved too because mill could be taller (or smaller) and for sure isnt possible to place it at the exactly same height.

So, how i can change the drill after processes ? For example, from roughing to finishing.

Thanks a lot

It depends on what your post processor file tells the CNC to do between tool changes. If you don’t have X,Y and Z end stops or some easy to locate origin then you need to have all tool paths in one gcode file and have the steppers locked between tool changes. I don’t bother with ends stops.

I use Fusion 360 and a MPCNC specific post processor that pauses between tool paths. It pauses, displays “Change tool” on my LCD, moves to a location near the origin that gives me space to get the bit out, and most importantly it keeps the steppers locked(powered) and disables the normal 1 minute timeout on a stepper lock. This way I can carefully change the bit without the axes losing their place. I then just resume and it starts milling the next tool path. See this example where I changed from an 1/8" end mill for the outline and roughing to an 1/8" ball mill for finishing. I just make my origin at one corner of the stock. It works great. I have not used Estlcam so I’m not sure how to control tool changes for it.

Does this make sense?

Also, using this scheme it is important that the bits be inserted to the same depth to align with the Z axis origin. See my bit depth insertion guide (just a block of wood with a notch cut in it) to make this easy