Cheap light weight stiffening

Hello everyone I am still in the process of completing my primo j
But I wanted to reach out and see if any one has added shearer valves to their support tubing.
As in weld a shredder bung on one end and a pressure indicator button on the other.

Just a thought as it would not add much weight and could dampen and give some added stiffness.

Obviously would have to make sure it doesn’t swell the tube up to affect the trucks rolling drag.

It’s a perrenial question.

Please by a means experiment. I looked at filling the tubes with foam. (Yes, it helps, but not enough to be worth the trouble.) The real answer is thicker steel, and even that is diminishing returns. The problem is that the steel increases strength by square, and mass by cube, so things get heavy…

Like I say though, expeiment. The MPCNC Primo is pretty rigid when built to it’s designed size encelope (about 2’ square cut area) and still pretty good a bit larger. Mine is 25" by 37" area, and while I do get some issues if I’m not careful, I get some good results from the machine too.


Yes just some thoughts I had, I appreciate the input very much. The reason I ask is because they use it on some airframes etc.
But that has a dual job (crack indication and stiffening)
I am running the 1” od ss tube .062” I guess a guy could simply get some ss angle and make a x and insert it in as well.

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