Children's Chair

Originally wanted it to be a full size but could only fit two pieces on a sheet. So, I scaled it down and tested the concept on a child size chair. It springs under weight which is quite cool.


That’s neat! Things like this get me thinking of a low rider.

Well, I am impressed. First post of the day I read and this is what I see. It is going to be a great day. WOW!

Thanks. Fun little project. I’m working on scaling it up while remaining functional without being so wasteful.

I love it… two questions

Is it pieced together on the inside layers or is each lamination full sized? Seems like the design would take a lot of ply if #2

How much does it weight? It looks like if you stretched it out it would be like a 2x24x10foot slab of solid wood.

Very nice work.

This thread is about a year old, OP hasn’t been around in a while.

From the post #1 it sounds like each layer is one piece which is why they scaled it down to kids size. I would look into breaking each layer into shorter straightish sections. Also the sections would overlap or offset from layer to layer so you wouldn’t have a weak seam that spans multiple layers. (like a brick wall) . You probably wouldn’t have to make every layer solid either, you could have one or two layers of ply laminated together then a layer with some spacers, repeat. Finally, maybe incorporate a piece or two of all thread to run all the way through the layers if it can be done without ruining the aesthetic.

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Damn, I always get caught by resurected posts … get excited when I see cool stuff show up as a new post and never see the OP. Thanks Kyle for the clarification.

It looks cool! Reminds me a little of Frank Gehry’s Wiggling Cardboard Chair.