Popping it to say I had a productive afternoon. Got everything up and running, sawdust a flyin’!

If your not planning on using your MPCNC for 3D printing, I see no reason to go the Arduino Mega/Ramps/Marlin approach.

Save yourself some dough and pickup an Arduino Uno, a CNC shield 3.0 (or higher), stepper drivers (~$25 total). Then load grbl on it.

Checkout as the gcode sender and for the CAM.

I have found that it is more user friendly to use firmware and work flow that is native to milling/cutting.

Hopefully I can dedicate a machine to a milling at some point and try it out. For now mine get reconfigured pretty often.

One nice thing about the RAMPS/Marlin setup is the availability of cheap turnkey LCD controllers to feed the gcode from an SDcard. I hate having a PC tied to a printer or CNC. Is there any way to do this with the CNC shields?

The closest thing to that is using a raspberry pi as a serial server and keep your computer running chilipeppr in a safe location. There is a way to connect a pendant to the raspberry pi.

I have the LCD setup with Marlin on my 3D printer. With the tool changes and variable z heights I personally would prefer to have more access than the LCD gives. But everybody has different preferences.

There are other reasons for the ramps alternative. 3D printing, and slaving stepper drivers.

But if you don’t mind having a PC there (most will have one) you can save some money and enjoy the chilipeppr GUI.

I just wanted to report that it does work.

Hi, I have bought the MPCNC hardware (Ramps 1.4 (Arduino mega, 3 drv8825 drivers , shield))… And on last months I have been working with Marlin software and Repetier Host software, as mschrock, my purpose is to use it like CNC and not like 3D printer. I would be very interested in use GRBL and chilipeppr mainly for auto-level and software environment.
I have been trying to use as mschrock on ( the GrblforCyclone, I have followed the git readme and I could upload the software on Arduino mega. I have been trying to use GRBL in Repetier Host and in Chilipeppr using the json port connection but not success.
Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong? Some ideas would be great!

I want to have a CNC dedicated machine only, i have two 3d printers i do not need an extra. Problem is that i do not knwo anything about CNC machines, i’ve read a lot of the last few weeks and i think GRBL is kindof the standard. And i think i want to use that. Problem is that i am not sure if i can make it work with the MPCNC without a guide like there is for Ramps :frowning: