Chinese 5mW red line laser - driver/heatsink?

I bought 2 of these, to use as a crosshair, primarily for my 2.8w laser; but they won’t be here for ~2 months…

Do these have a built-in driver/current limiter; or do I need to get those aswell? I am assuming that because they cost ~20 times what a regular 5mW diode costs, they would have a driver in them; but I am seeing a lot of different opinions on different pages… some people use external drivers, some don’t…

Also, a 5mW laser should not produce enough heat to warrant a heatsink, would it?


I see the 5v source voltage is listed but What’s the input current? I’m guessing approximately 40-50ma. If so, no driver should be can connect directly to an unused digital pin on Ramps board and switch/power the diode through a marlin m42 command.

5mw is standard issue dollar store laser heat sinking should be required. The module housing is plenty.