Choosing the router. I'm lost!

Hey guys,

I live in France and can’t find the dewalt dw660… or at very expensive price !

So I looked for similar spindles :

-Makita 3710 : no speed control
-Makita RT0700C : seems very used by mpcnc’s owners but a little bit expensive for me
-GMC GR710 : seems similar to makita RT0700C but I have now idea about the quality :

-Some chinese spindles like this one or this one or this one

My budget is around 110€ (around 120$)

Can you guys help me to choose please or suggest another one ? :smiley:

I have no experience with those tools but just by looks I would say the 3710 and add a speed control like we do with the 660. That one looks even easier to mount, the 660 has a constantly contoured body that is had to clamp perpendicularly 3710 doesn’t.

700c, and the 710 are too big and in my opinion, overkill.