Christmas Lights

All these smart people on this board, how many of ya’ll do the automated Christmas light displays?

Check out this guy!

Here is nearby in my little town. Made all sorts of headlines and each year he keeps getting more crazy.


Hey Ryan,

Local (to you) TV, KGO 7, has a 1 hour program - “The Great Christmas Light Fight” - apparently a nationwide contest for the best X-Mas display. On NOW - 8PM.

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Correction - it’s a 2 hour program

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I plan on dipping my toes in it next year. I started on it a few years ago, but only got as far as setting up FPP on a raspberry Pi and playing with one of the sequencer software.

I’m going to start with just trying to run a string of Pixels across the eaves of the house. Probably have them change colors, twinkle, and race back and forth a few times. This will be my big project for next year.

Christmas lights and the MPCNC sounds like a good combination :grinning:

I use the technique (fpp, ws281x, vixen(lights) etc) to make stuff for amateur musical/theater performances, or a performance with our musical club in a church: (2017)


Your setup is very close to what I plan on doing. I’ll probably add one of the F16v3 controllers to run the pixels and let a pi3 run fpp.

I’ll order the lights and controller after christmas so I have plenty of time to play with it. We’ll see what I end up with by next Christmas. Hopefully I have something built for holloween too.

IDK what the acronyms you guys are using mean, but I watched James Burton make some neat progress with tons of leds and the software he found seems pretty simple. DMX and QLC+:

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Vixen, Falcon Player, and PixelController have made it a lot easier than what he did.

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