Circles aren't Circles anymore...

This pic is the bottom of the LCD case (the part on the print bed):

[attachment file=“IMG_8468 edit.JPG”]

This pic is the top of the case. Notice the difference in the screw holes?

[attachment file=“IMG_8469 edit.JPG”]

Also, I printed out the left and right sides of the case before I noticed this and they are all jacked up as well.

[attachment file=91969]

[attachment file=91970]

Any ideas of what could be causing this? My belts look good and the machine seems to be moving correctly. In Repertier it looks ok as well if you follow the print as it goes, so my computer thinks it’s doing the correct thing and sending the correct gcode to my miniRambo. I’m at a loss and am just going to reboot the damn thing (like any other strange, new computer weirdness). lol.

Edit: in remembering the way I had these laid out in Slic3r (default layout when you load them in Repetier) I think it’s my Y axis that’s gone goofy. I’ll have to check the stepper and make sure there is no slop in the GT2 attached to the shaft. It came loose once before… Does anyone know the correct size of Allen wrench for those tiny little set screws?

Yeah I was going to say it looks like a loose belt or loose drive pulley. I don’t remember the size but they are tiny metric. If it is your set screws and they keep getting loose. You want to use some locktite on them.

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I know I got a screw loose, I just didn’t expect it to be in my MP3DP. ?

im going to check all my drive pulleys and locktite them (that’s a great idea!). At least I know it’s metric, I can go through my junk bin of loose Allen wrench’s and try to find it.

Thanks Aaryn!

After looking at my slic3r settings it looked like it was the X axis that was off, and sure enough, the set screws were loose. I did as you suggested and put locktite on them (also did the Y while I was at it). First test print after doing that and I have circles again!