I just made my first MPCNC cut…a 5 1/2" circle…with multiple holes inside the circle. The circle is perfectly round but composed of 24: 15 degree angles. I am using Sketchup, Estlcam then Repetier Host. Is there some way to make the circle round sans the angles? I have tried to look on this forum but can’t find the right search terms. A link would be fine. Thanks!

Sketchup doesn’t know how to do circles. There is a setting for how many line segments to use when drawing a circle in sketchup. If you change that to 128, you won’t notice the straight edges. If you want other CAD solutions, just ask. There as many opinions as forum users. But sketchup does work.

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Similar thing has happened to me when using tinkercad. They have a slider that let’s you increase the number of facets to make it more round.

For a quick 2d sketch to Cutout or carve I like freecad. I made this real quick today to see how it would go in 1" maple. I just drew two circles in freecad and added a text shapestring. You can enter exact dimensions in freecad and it draws perfect circles. Save as dxf or svg and it goes right into estlcam.


Thanks for all your help! Is it possible to start the print from the center? I found that helpful when I was using F-Engrave. Now using Sketchup, Estlcam and Repetier host.

There is in estlcam. For the circles that I brought in, I hit the zero button, in the lower left. Just move the cursor toward the center of the circle and you’ll see a little cross there. It’ll actually snap to it. In addition, you could use the grid, under view tab, to center an entire drawing if you have multiple circles.


Thanks Patrick…that helped a lot!