Clamps and sign for a friend

I recently got a lowrider 2 setup well enough to start making items. There’s a place that gives away free pallet wood and have some friends that like that aesthetic so decided to upgrade one of their decorations from a quote on a board written with a sharpie to CNC’d awesomeness.

My previous attempt at using painters tape and super glue didn’t work out so well since old pallet wood doesn’t have a lot of grip so started looking for other methods and found the “how to make the ultimate worktable clamps” youtube video.

Making all the dog holes seemed like a lot of effort for a table I plan to rebuild soon so I cnc’d out the cam part and screwed it wherever I felt like. Probably should make a right angle stop and use two cams, but this worked out well enough for me!

inkscape to ESTLcam, nice and easy. Lowrider performed flawlessly as well.

She’s going to like it for sure.