Cleaner wiring using rj45 sockets and standard Cat5/6 for cable runs

saw a kickstarter ramps shield that used RJ45 sockets and normal cat 5 cable to wire up the stepper motors and limit switches.

Had a look around ebay and then alibaba and found these

currently have a query in to the supplier.

Does anyone think using premade network patch leads as wiring to the steppers is a bad idea?


Another idea for using RJ24s and a way to hide the connections:

I love the jacks because I can take all the wiring and controller apart for transportation. It also has a clean look. Does not really need drag chains. Brought it the the RI Mini Maker Faire ( last weekend with no problem.

that looks good, soldering directly to surface mount rj45 sockets was my fall back position and then printing mounts for them, but do like your idea as well.

oops …RJ45s

These are small cheap and easy…

A prewired harness is a thing of beauty. Looking forward to getting mine!

That is awesome that you took it there. Thank you. So many questions, I have been to mini makers in the SF bay area and 2 in San Diego and have wanted to get a booth every time.

How was it received? What kinds of questions were asked? Did you sell any? Was it fun?

My son had a table at the RI Maker Faire representing First Lego League robotics and I just decided to take the MPCNC along to show off. I talked about it nonstop for over five hours. I did not mill anything because I was worried about all the kids running around. Next time I will attach plexiglass shields to the sides. Instead I just used it as a pen plotter, even plotted your Vicious1 test gcode file. The only ones that I might have sold were through giving out the link to your web site and Thingiverse page.

That’s cool. I need to set up an affiliate code. The more people using them the more add-ons we get